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Reality escape room games are incredibly fun due to their unique blend of immersive storytelling and interactive problem-solving. Unlike traditional video games or puzzles, reality escape rooms transport participants into a real-world environment where they become the protagonists of their own adventure. The thrill of working against the clock, deciphering clues, and unraveling mysteries creates an exhilarating sense of urgency and accomplishment. These games promote teamwork and communication as players collaborate to unravel complex puzzles, unlocking hidden chambers, and progressing through the storyline. The combination of physical exploration, intellectual challenges, and the element of surprise makes reality escape room games an unforgettable and thrilling experience that keeps players engaged and entertained throughout.

Victoria's Premium Escape Games

Victoria Noir: Case of the Curious Collector

Murder! Murder most foul is afoot in Victoria.
The year is 1928, prohibition is in full swing in the nearby United States, and savvy entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity to get in on the illegal trade of smuggling alcohol south of the border.
One such business woman is Vicky Tems, owner of a popular curio shop and rumoured Rum Runner. Unfortunately, her growing business has hit a dead end with her untimely murder.
Despite having no end of suspects, local investigators are stumped, so they’ve called in the services of the cleverest (and cheapest) Private Detectives of the time: YOU!
Join us in the past to unravel the mystery and prove yourselves the greatest detectives of all time!

WARNING: This theme contains blood, light gore, and subject matter that may not be appropriate for all audiences. Parental Guidance is suggested.

The “Victoria Noir: Case of the Curious Collector” can accommodate 2-8 players. None of our themes are meant to be scary but this room does have blood and a realistic fake dead body! Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a player 18+.

Sorcerer's Lair

Adventurers across the land have been inexplicably vanishing. Many believe they have fallen prey to an evil sorcerer who has been using them as subjects on which to test his evil black magic spells! What will become of you and your friends when you too are captured and imprisoned by the Evil Sorcerer? Will you have the wits to escape his enchanted lair, or will you become the next victims to his latest spell?

ALLERGY WARNING: This room contains real hay.
LIGHT WARNING: Contains flickering lights.

Secrets of the Great Pyramid

Professor Stanley Dunford is in Egypt exploring the Great Pyramids, in hopes of finding a lost treasure. On the brink of a great discovery, you fear he has become imperilled, and you have travelled to Egypt in search of him. Your rescue mission soon turns to one of survival when you too become trapped inside! Only one hour of oxygen remains. Will you escape in time, or will the Great Pyramid become your tomb as well?

Rosewood Manor

The Rosewood Manor has been abandoned for decades. Legend has it that the old manor is haunted, and anyone who spends more than one hour inside will be trapped there forever! One day, many years ago, 8-year-old Tommy Dawson entered the Rosewood Manor on a dare, and he has never returned! Today, many years later, you too have entered the Rosewood Manor on a quest for the truth. Will you uncover the secret of what happened to Tommy Dawson so many years ago, or will you too become trapped inside forever?

Don’t be frightened that the manor is haunted, it’s spooky not scary and is suitable for all ages!


Partnership Opportunities

 Partners wanted!  Cluetivity is an excellent fit for many businesses, such as sight-seeing tours, stops along the game route, or simply for partners to refer as an activity in Victoria. Cluetivity can be customized in many ways, from length of game play, to geographic location, to the types of puzzles players must solve.  

If you’d like to explore a partnership with us, we’d like to hear from you!  Please contact us at info@questrealitygames.com.


4.6 stars

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5 Stars

Nov 2022

"Highly Recommend"

First time escapee, long time gamer here. Quest was amazing. The experience was immersive and the setting felt nicely planned-out and designed. The puzzles were a nice mid-tier, and felt challenging without being impossible. I was swept away by the fantasy and enjoyed a nice escape from reality. A little piece of magic in Victoria’s downtown core. The sorcerer’s lair was like finding myself smack dab in the middle of a game of D&D. Highly recommend.

Ben Bielert

5 Stars

Apr 2022

"...One Of The Best Experiences I Have Ever Had..."

This was mine as well as some of my other friends first escape experience room ever. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The room was amazing (we did the Sorcerer’s Lair), and it was such a fun intense adventure. Thank you to the amazing staff who worked during my time (Oct 24, 2021 in the afternoon), you guys were so sweet and helpful, and made the experience ten times better. This is totally worth it, and I recommend this for anyone whose looking to improve your problem solving skills (or just looking for a fun activity with your friends)!


Escape Games FAQ

No. While some themes may have a bit of a spooky atmosphere, there are no jump scares. Our rooms are designed to be immersive and challenging, but our intention is never to scare you.

All of our themes are designed to have the same level of difficulty, and are meant to be extremely challenging. Each theme consists of different styles of puzzles, in order to challenge all of your mental faculties. Of course, the puzzles among our various themes are all different, and whether players find some puzzles easier or more challenging to solve is unique to each individual. Escape rooms are a learned skill, so the more familiar you are with them, the more likely you are to be successful in escaping.

Whether you’re new to escape rooms, or have done many before there is something in all of our themes for everyone!

No! Smart phones and all recording devices are not permitted in any of our escape rooms.

Cluetivity has games for every level, age, and interest.