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Cluetivity combines the best elements of escape rooms, scavenger hunts and geocaching. Whether it be team building with outdoor escape games, indoor team events with mobile escape games, or virtual treasure hunts for children’s birthdays, family outings and stag parties – the games fit every occasion.

Fascinating augmented reality technology and thrilling riddles​

Albert Einstein died in 1955 and took with him to his grave a great secret. What nobody expected was that before the genius scientist died he hid his last secret somewhere in downtown Victoria. Since Einstein wanted his secret to be found by only worthy adventurers he placed clues all over Victoria to assist them in the discovery of his great secret. To this day, no-one has succeeded in finding his last secret. But that can change with a single packing slip and a mysterious delivery, are you up for the challenge? Book your quest today.

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Magic Portal, an outdoor GPS adventure game, where the lines of reality and fantasy become blurred. With the help of a special “portal tracker” (aka: iPad), equipped with GPS, you and your team will be guided on a magical treasure hunt throughout downtown Victoria. In order to complete your quest, and to save the world from evil forces, you and your team will need to interact with virtual avatars and work together to solve tricky riddles. Fun for family, friends and colleagues!                                                                                                                                         

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Operation Mindfall is an outdoor adventure, an exciting mix of classic scavenger hunt, geocaching, virtual mini-games, and augmented reality. Everything packed into an exciting story in which you play the lead role! Your task is to connect with the Secret Agent organization, W.I.S.E., to create an antivirus, disinfect groundwater, and hack into the malicious company’s mainframe server to stop the signal in time to save the world! Armed with a top-secret briefcase full of gadgets, and a tablet to guide you on your mission through downtown Victoria, you are the world’s last hope! Get your team together and get ready for a whole new outdoor adventure!

Partnership Opportunities

 Partners wanted!  Cluetivity is an excellent fit for many businesses, such as sight-seeing tours, stops along the game route, or simply for partners to refer as an activity in Victoria. Cluetivity can be customized in many ways, from length of game play, to geographic location, to the types of puzzles players must solve.  

If you’d like to explore a partnership with us, we’d like to hear from you!  Please contact us at info@questrealitygames.com.


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5 Stars

Nov 2022

"Highly Recommend"

First time escapee, long time gamer here. Quest was amazing. The experience was immersive and the setting felt nicely planned-out and designed. The puzzles were a nice mid-tier, and felt challenging without being impossible. I was swept away by the fantasy and enjoyed a nice escape from reality. A little piece of magic in Victoria’s downtown core. The sorcerer’s lair was like finding myself smack dab in the middle of a game of D&D. Highly recommend.

Ben Bielert

5 Stars

Apr 2022

"...One Of The Best Experiences I Have Ever Had..."

This was mine as well as some of my other friends first escape experience room ever. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The room was amazing (we did the Sorcerer’s Lair), and it was such a fun intense adventure. Thank you to the amazing staff who worked during my time (Oct 24, 2021 in the afternoon), you guys were so sweet and helpful, and made the experience ten times better. This is totally worth it, and I recommend this for anyone whose looking to improve your problem solving skills (or just looking for a fun activity with your friends)!


Cluetivity FAQ

Your game play includes an iPad for the group.

Magic Portal and Operation Mindfall is set to be played for 1.5 hours in order to save the world! If you do not succeed within the game time, you will have the option of playing until you complete the game which is typically 1-2 hours long.

Yes. Up to 3 groups can play head-to-head and challenge each other for the fastest time and highest score. To have more than 3 groups challenge each other please contact us for special arrangements.

Rain capes and an umbrella are provided.

If the help of the Goblin is not enough, our Game Masters are available for help at 250-800-1008.

Cluetivity has games for every level, age, and interest.