Why Watch Movies, When You Can Play Them?

Imagine this, the weekend is fast-approaching, and you and your friends are looking for something fun and interesting to do on Friday night.  When Friday finally rolls around, you get gussied-up and head down to the movie theatre where you and your gang spend the next two hours sitting side-by-side in silence.  You look down the aisle and notice Nancy has dozed off.  Two hours later you climb in your cars and drive home.  Sound familiar?  Certainly doesn’t sound like an exciting way to spend a Friday night!

Movies can be a great way to spend time with friends or coworkers. But if you’re looking for a way to spice your night up with some real action, our reality games offer a fun, unique alternative.  Why simply watch a movie, when you can be in the starring role of your own adventure?! At Quest Reality Games, you can brave the dangerous depths of the Great Pyramid as your team of intrepid travellers search for the missing Professor Stanley Dunford in the Secrets of the Great Pyramid escape game. Or try our newest escape game, Abduction! where one minute your feet are firmly on Earth and the next you and your team are fighting for your lives aboard an alien spacecraft destined for the outer reaches of the galaxy!  Is true crime your cup of tea?  Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a real crime-scene investigator?  At Quest Reality Games you can play the role of a real detective and help crack the case of what caused the death of Melanie Burton.  Our games give you the opportunity to live out scenarios that you could never be part of in real life! 

When you choose one of our reality games to play, you are choosing an experience. The theme and story of that game will be your reality while the clock counts down.

Whether you choose to play one of our second-generation escape games, or our one-of-a-kind Case-Solving Investigators game, you’ll be playing an exciting theme that lets you immerse yourself in the action.  Instead of sitting back and passively experiencing an on-screen character’s adventure vicariously, you’ll be living out the action.  Choosing the path your story takes gives you a thrilling sense of accomplishment as you solve puzzles or uncover evidence.   Even if you’re not ultimately successful, you’ll get to be the star of your own storey, test your intelligence, and have a whole lot of fun along the way!  You’ll get to make the final choices that dictate how your game unfolds—and whether you make it out, or whether the timer closes the curtain on your crew.

Like a movie, our games have real drama and consequences. But unlike a movie, having that timer ticking down, putting pressure on you to succeed, will give you an actual adrenaline rush.  Faced with the task of catching a killer, outwitting a wizard, or getting away from a ghost, our games will immerse you in the action. When you choose an intriguing theme and get to live through the story instead of watching it pass you by, you get a chance to be a part of something extraordinary and to step out of the mundane world and into one filled with excitement and possibilities.

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