Why Choose Quest Reality Games?

In our very first blog post on the history of escape games, we told you that there are over 3,500 escape rooms worldwide.  That means you could play one a for almost ten years and never play the same room twice!  It also means you have a lot of options.  In our blogs, we have written at length about games and puzzles.  Makes sense since that’s what escape games are mostly about.  Wait.  What?….Yes, we said mostly.  Because whether you realize it or not, there’s a LOT that goes into providing an outstanding guest experience besides developing fun, challenging, and immersive games.   

At Quest Reality Games, we put just as much effort into providing you with an overall outstanding experience as we do into developing our immersive, second-generation escape games.  Here’s a few things that we know set us apart. 

It’s All About The Details 

From the moment you walk through the front door of our storefront in the heart of downtown Victoria, everything we do at Quest Reality Games is designed to provide an outstanding experience, starting with our best-in-class Game Masters greeting you with a friendly ‘welcome to Quest Reality Games!’.   

If you happen to arrive during one of our busier times and aren’t sure where that warm greeting came from, just look for the person with the Quest Reality Games logo on their shirt.  That’s right, all our staff proudly wear Quest Reality Games uniforms.  As escape game enthusiasts ourselves, nothing sets the tone for an underwhelming experience more than walking in some non-descript office space and trying to figure out if the person in the plaid shirt sitting there playing with their iPhone is an employee or someone who’s waiting for their friend to finish in the washroom! 

It won’t take long for you to get to know your Game Master, because they will give you a personal introduction.  When you’re preparing to play an escape room you’ve got a lot on your mind:  Will we escape?  Are the puzzles going to be too hard for us?  Should I have had that Big Gulp in the car on the way to Quest?  We want to do what we can to set your mind at ease, and having a rapport with your Game Master is one way we try to do that.  That way, hopefully you’ll feel more comfortable saying, ‘Hey Savannah, how about a hint?!’ 


Speaking of hints, we’ll give you two of them.  But it doesn’t mean we leave you alone in the dark for an hour once you’ve used them.  Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction.  Or you need to hear that last hint one more time.  Or maybe you just need to hear that hint in a different way.  Our Game Masters will gladly give you that nudge you need to get you back on track. 

At Quest Reality Games, you needn’t worry about getting caught up in the excitement and forgetting about your hints altogether, because our Game Masters will check in with you periodically to ensure you’re still having a great time! While the nature of escape games is that not everyone will escape (and that’s half the fun!), we want to give you the best chance that you and your team will escape.   

Three Different Types of Experiences 

That brings us to a truly unique aspect of our escape games—we offer THREE different types of experiences.   

Escape rooms are a learned skill, and they can be challenging for newbies.  For those who are trying escape games for the first time, you can ask your Game Master for an easy experience.  And for the seasoned enthusiasts who want to increase the challenge, you can ask for a difficult experience.  Change your mind mid-game?  No problem.  Just let your Game Master know, and you can change the difficultly level of your experience at any time.   

While this doesn’t change any of the puzzles or physical aspects of the game, it does change how our Game Masters interact with you.  Looking for an easier experience?  Just ask your Game Master and they’ll give you some extra detail and guidance in those hints.  Want to maximize the challenge of our games?  Our Game Masters can dial back the dialogue and give you more freedom to work it out on your own.   


These days, life is hectic enough, and we’ve all got a lot on our minds.  It’s easy to get caught up in life’s responsibilities and forget the odd detail from time to time—like remembering to pick the kids up at the store and drop the eggs and milk off at the pool, right?  Then you need to try to round up 7 friends to go rescue Stanley Dunford from the Great Pyramid!  At Quest Reality Games, we do our best to simplify things for you!  With our easy online booking system, you can book anytime, anywhere.   

Once you’ve booked online, you’ll get a confirmation email containing a link to our online waiver, as well as a booking invitation that you can sync with your calendar.  We’ll also send you a reminder on the day of your game play!  Life get in the way, and you need to change your booking?  No problem, just use the link in your confirmation email to change your booking.  Something come up and you can’t make it?  That’s ok, too.  While we ask all our guests to do their best to confirm plans before booking, we understand that sometimes canceling your game play is an inevitable must.  At Quest Reality Games, we don’t take payment upfront, so you can feel confident booking knowing that if your friends all let you down, you won’t be left with a charge on your credit card.  

Making Memories 

Just because your hour is over, doesn’t mean the memories should be too!  When your game play is done, we’ll take your picture for posterity.  You’ll then receive a copy by text or email with a custom filter to help you remember the theme you played—and your awesome escape time! 


We’d be remiss if we didn’t address safety here.  Unlike some escape room operators that rely on actual locks on their room doors, at Quest Reality Games you are never truly locked in a room.  Although we create the appearance of being locked in our themed rooms for immersive purposes, you will always have a way to easily remove yourself from the rooms.  All of our rooms are equipped with clearly marked emergency exit buttons beside the doors.  These will allow you to escape quickly whenever you need to. If for any reason you are unable to open the doors yourself, our Game Masters can do so with the flip of a single switch. 

In the event of an emergency, all of our doors will automatically open. All of our magnetic locks—including every single one of our doors—are connected directly to the fire alarm system, and are programmed to disengage immediately in the event of a fire or power outage. 


Oh yeah, and we also take the time on a regular basis to provide you with this blog full of tips, tricks, and handy information to make the most out of your escape game experience! 

Now you know the ‘why’…here’s the ‘how’ to book now