Which Room is Best for You?

Oftentimes, our Game Masters are asked which of our rooms are the best. While particular Game Masters may have enjoyed one room over another, our preferences won’t necessarily carry over to you. Each of Quest Reality Games’s four themed rooms has something unique to offer players, which may appeal to different kinds of people. While we would love for you to play all of our rooms, this post has a few questions which may give you an idea of which one you should start with. 

How many people are in your team? 

Different rooms have different player minimums and room capacities. This is especially important to pay attention to if you have a group of two or quite a large team. At Quest Reality Games, two of our themes can be played with a team of two; Secrets of the Great Pyramid and Rosewood Manor. Each of our themes have a different maximum capacity, with the Rosewood Manor accommodating up to 6 players, Zombie Apocalypse and the Secrets of the Great Pyramid up to 8 players, and Sorcerer’s Lair up to 10 players. These player capacities are based around the physical size of the room, along with the amount of players required to be able to complete the puzzles at hand, in order to ensure that your gameplay is enjoyable and safe. 

Do you or any of your teammates have any major phobias? 

While facing your fears can be a good thing, some individuals may not be ready to face their fears in an already high-pressure environment, such as an escape room. If someone in your group has a major fear, don’t be afraid to ask your game master if you will encounter it in the room. Some of the more common fears we’ve seen include snakes, the dark, and tight spaces. Without giving away spoilers, your game master will be happy to help you pick a room that will avoid these fears. 

How many escape rooms have you played in the past? 

Whether you are a seasoned escape room enthusiast, or a you’re playing an escape room for the first time your level of experience is also a factor you should consider in your decision about what room to play. At Quest Reality Games, our themes are all intended to be around the same level of difficulty, though how successful a given group is in any one theme can depend on which puzzle types are suitable to their unique strengths and preferences. Feel free to ask your game master about the success rate of the room you’re considering playing. 

Has anyone in your team played one of our rooms in the past? 

Organizing an escape room outing isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Finding a time that all of your busy friends arefree for an hour is hard on its own, so sometimes remembering to ask your teammates if they have played any of the themes can slip to the back of your mind. Make sure that your entire team knows what room you’re playing prior to making the booking, to avoid any disappointment for the group. 

Do you have a particular interest in a certain time period, location, or subject matter?

 Escape rooms across the world have vastly different themes, and because of this, if you have a particular interest in something, there is likely an escape room for you! Are you a big fan of ancient civilizations? Check out the Secrets of the Great Pyramid! Absolutely love the medieval period and magic? Try the Sorcerer’s Lair. Obsessed with zombie lore? Book the Zombie Apocalypse! Or do you love haunted houses? Be sure to try your hand at escaping from the haunted Rosewood Manor. 

Do you have any allergies? 

If you have any severe allergies, don’t be afraid to let your game master know prior to booking. At Quest Reality Games, the only major allergy to look out for while picking a room is hay in the Sorcerer’s Lair. However, we can provide face masks prior to entering. This is an important step to note in order to avoid a terrifying ending to your next escape room adventure. While not an allergy per se, some players are sensitive to flashing lights, which are present in some of our themes.  To avoid what should be a fun and entertaining experience from becoming an unpleasant situation, be sure to notify your game master before committing to any particular theme if you have any such sensitivities. 

Listen to recommendations made by your friends.

 Has one of your friends that’s not in your team played one of our rooms at Quest Reality Games and absolutely loved it? Take their suggestion and try it out for yourself. If they escaped, you can even have a friendly competition and try your hand at beating their time!  

But also don’t be afraid to try out something new. 

It can be easy to shy away from trying a new escape room – after all, if you’re going to be locked in a room for an hour, you want to make sure you’ll be having fun. However, by not attempting a new themed room, you’ll never know what amazing puzzles and awesome set design you’re missing out on. 

We hope that these questions have helped you narrow down your choices for your next escape room adventure. Book one of our four themed rooms online now!