What’s In a Name? 

Most escape game operators have the word ‘Escape’ (or some variation thereof) in their name.  Do a Google search, and you’re bound to come up with pages of examples.  We chose the name Quest Reality Games, and not Quest Escape Games for a reason—because we’re MORE than just escape games! We offer a variety of game options—including a truly unique game that you’ll only find here in Victoria!  Read on to learn more… 


Designed for 2-8 players, this is truly a one-of-a-kind gaming experience! Players are cast into the role of rookie crime scene investigators, and have 90 minutes to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of Melanie Burton. Armed with CSI toolkits, players must process and analyse the evidence, assist Detective Frank O’Malley in interviewing witnesses, and ultimately file an accurate report with their crime lab supervisor to solve this mystery. 

Everyone is a suspect!   

With Detective O’Malley’s help, your team will interview the witnesses and suspects.  Finally, using the information you have gleaned from the scene and your interviews, your team must determine what has happened to Ms. Burton, and who is at fault.   


Melanie Burton’s body has just been discovered.  There appears to be no witnesses.  What has happened to her—and how?  Who is at fault—and why?  Your team will be provided with CSI kits, including the latest in investigative technology.  Your task is to access the scene and search for clues and evidence.  You will scan the evidence and upload it to the crime lab for analysis. 


Once your team has processed the scene, you will need to head to the Victoria Police crime lab.  Using the crime lab’s tools and knowledge base, you will analyze the evidence.  Whose fingerprints have you found?  Whose blood was at the scene?  What was the cause of Melanie’s death, and when did it occur?  These are among the questions your team must answer to solve this case!   


Someone MUST know something!  With Frank’s help, your team will interview witnesses and suspects.  Using the evidence and your analysis, you will corroborate or contradict their statements—and ultimately solve this case! 

1 Scene, 3 Scenarios 

We often hear how much our guests love our escape games, and how disappointing it is they can only be played once.  With CSI:  Case-Solving Investigators, we have solved that dilemma!  Now, you will be able to experience CSI:  Case-Solving Investigators up to THREE times!  The scene is the same, but the evidence is different in all three scenarios, giving you the chance to investigate up to three times! 


Our Cluetivity outdoor adventure games blend the best elements of GPS geocaching and classical treasure hunts into an exciting adventure game that takes players through the streets of downtown Victoria while solving tricky puzzles and riddles in order to save the world!  Our Cluetivity outdoor adventure games can accommodate up to 60 players! 

Four Different Games To Choose From 

Magic Portal 

Magic Portal is an outdoor GPS adventure game where the lines of reality and fantasy become blurred. With the help of a special “portal tracker” (aka: iPad), equipped with GPS, you and your team will be guided by a Goblin avatar on a magical treasure hunt throughout downtown Victoria. In order to complete your quest and to save the world from evil trolls who are invading our planet, you and your team will need to work together to solve riddles and puzzles in order to close the magic portal!  

Haunted Victoria 

A portal to the afterlife has opened up in Victoria and the spirits that once haunted its landmarks are returning to their previous haunts!  

Victoria is one of the most haunted cities in Canada, so you will need to put your ghost-hunting skills to the test in order to catch the spirits before they take over the city! With the help of a special “ghost tracker” (aka: iPad), equipped with GPS, you and your team will be guided on a haunted hunt throughout downtown Victoria. 

Operation Mindfall 

An evil organization has unleashed a mind-control virus on the world, and is preparing to remotely trigger its evil power at any moment! Your task is to connect with the Secret Agent organization, W.I.S.E., to create an antivirus, disinfect Victoria’s groundwater, and hack into the malicious company’s mainframe server to stop the signal in time to save the world! Armed with a top-secret briefcase full of gadgets, and a secret agent-issued tablet to guide you on your mission throughout downtown Victoria, you are the world’s last hope! 

Operation Mindfall – Bike Edition 

This route is specifically designed for cyclists and covers the following areas: Fisherman’s Wharf, Ogden Point, Beacon Hill Park and downtown Victoria. Bikes are not provided, however you may rent an electric bike from Ride the Glide (located across the street from Quest Reality Games), or use your own.  


Of course, we also offer highly-immersive, second-generation indoor escape games.   

Zombie Apocalypse 

You have just returned home from a trip away and discovered that your town has been stricken by a zombie plague! Where do you turn for help? You discover the local police station has been overrun by zombies, and in your search for help, you have stumbled into a secure area and become unexpectedly locked in! The doors can only hold the zombies at bay for one hour! You must uncover the secrets of what has caused the townspeople to be turned into ferocious zombies in order to escape and make your way to freedom before you too become the next victims of the Zombie Apocalypse! 

Sorcerer’s Lair 

Adventurers across the land have been inexplicably vanishing. Many believe they have fallen prey to an evil sorcerer who has been using them as subjects on which to test his evil black magic spells! What will become of you and your friends when you too are captured and imprisoned by the Evil Sorcerer? Will you have the wits to escape his enchanted lair, or will you become the next victims to his latest spell? 

Secrets of the Great Pyramid 

Professor Stanley Dunford is in Egypt exploring the Great Pyramids, in hopes of finding a lost treasure. On the brink of a great discovery, you fear he has become imperilled, and you have travelled to Egypt in search of him. Your rescue mission soon turns to one of survival when you too become trapped inside! Only one hour of oxygen remains. Will you escape in time, or will the Great Pyramid become your tomb as well? 

Rosewood Manor 

The Rosewood Manor has been abandoned for decades. Legend has it that the old manor is haunted, and anyone who spends more than one hour inside will be trapped there forever! One day, many years ago, 8-year-old Tommy Dawson entered the Rosewood Manor on a dare, and he has never returned! Today, many years later, you too have entered the Rosewood Manor on a quest for the truth. Will you uncover the secret of what happened to Tommy Dawson so many years ago, or will you too become trapped inside forever? 

We’re much more than just escape rooms.  Whatever your preference, we’ve got plenty of fun, unique games to play!