What To Wear When Playing An Escape Game

No shirt, no shoes, no service…It’s an old trope, but there’s still a grain of truth in the old adage.  At Quest Reality Games, we don’t have any requirements for what clothing our guests wear—other than clothes must be worn at all times.  This might seem an obvious rule, but after Game Mastering many thousands of games, you’d be surprised at what we’ve seen!  That said, we do have recommendations to guide your choice of garb for your game.

Comfort Comes First

While there’s no dress code to play our escape rooms, you should dress for comfort—and for movement. There’s no climbing or crawling in our themes, so skirts or a dress can be worn.

Dressing comfortably makes it easier for you to solve puzzles. You might not need to be climbing around the room, but wearing something that you’re comfortable in helps you to better enjoy your experience and allows you to focus more on the puzzles rather than trying to pull your long dress away from the floors.

And if you’re thinking of playing an escape room as something to do after work, you might want to consider bringing a change of clothes with you to the office and ditching the necktie before your gameplay.  That way you can enjoy the full benefit of 100% blood-flow to your thinker!

Sensible Shoes

While you’re deciding what to don, consider coordinating with a pair of sensible shoes.  Some of our rooms do contain hay and sand, and you don’t want to be navigating your way through the Great Pyramid in a pair of 3” heels!  Having said that, if you do find yourself ready to play while wearing your nice patent leather, don’t worry, we offer shoe covers. 

Whatever you decide, keep in mind you’ll be in the room for up to an hour, so we recommend wearing something you’ll be comfortable standing in for that long.

What About Masks?

While masks are not mandatory in public spaces in British Columbia, our staff will be wearing them for your safety. If you have a mask, consider wearing it for our safety, and that of other guests.

Have Fun

We work very hard to provide an immersive experience, and we love it when our guests get in on the fun.  For example, when D&D fans dress up in costume to escape the Sorcerer’s Lair. 

If you’ve got gear that compliments one of our themes, by all means—wear it.  We also get an assortment of costumes at Halloween, and we love to see it!  Maybe dressing up isn’t your thing, but you’ve got a lucky pair of underwear you’re wearing.  That’s cool too—we’ll take your word for it.

Whatever you decide, when you’ve got your wardrobe selected, follow this link to book your next Quest!