We Support The Community That Supports Us 

At Quest Reality Games, we believe it is important to give back to and support the community that supports us.  It is truly amazing to see the number wonderful organizations and events that are doing such important work in our community!  It is humbling to be seen as an important partner in that work by the many organizations and event organizers that reach out to us on a regular basis.  In fact, on average, each week we receive at least two donation requests!  While we would love to support each and every cause and organization that sends requests our way, it would not be viable for our business.  Therefore, our team has selected three areas where we focus our community support efforts.  Those are: 

At-Risk Community Members 

It is important to the values of our team to support those that are closest to us in our community that are in need of our support.  For instance, at last count there was more than 1,500 people that are homeless in Victoria.   

Victoria is widely known to have a high cost of living, and the cost of other basic necessities, such as food, continues to increase.   

There are also members of our community who are suffering from, and seeking to escape from, domestic violence. 

At Quest Reality Games, we are proud to support these members of our community, and have so far donated hundreds of dollars in kind to support causes that support these at-risk members of our community. 

Last December, in our second year of operations, we held our first annual food drive at Quest Reality Games, whereby we offered guests who donated a non-perishable food item to our food drive 10% off their game play. 

This year, in addition to holding our second-annual food drive in December, we have planned our next quarterly team-building event to volunteer serving brunch at the Cool Aid Society. 

Environmental Sustainability 

One need only listen to the daily news or read the newspaper to hear about the severity of the impact of climate change.  The climate emergency affects us all—and it affects future generations.  At Quest Reality Games, we recognize our corporate social responsibility, and we strive to recycle as much of our paper, plastics, bottles and cans, and even electronics as possible.  In our three years of operations, we have so far donated hundreds of dollars in kind and in cash to support causes that support environmental sustainability. 

Cancer Research 

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, approximately 30% of all deaths in Canada are attributable to cancer.  Chances are you or someone you know has been impacted.  This includes members of our team.  In our thee years of operations, Quest Reality Games has so far donated hundreds of dollars in cash and in kind to support the fight to end cancer. 

On September 22, 2019, Quest Reality Games was a challenge stop for UrbaCity’s downtown adventure race fundraiser for prostate cancer. Racers stopped at our location and were up against the clock to solve a mini augmented reality game from Cluetivity. All fundraising pledges went directly to Victoria’s own Island Prostate Centre and raised more than $75,000!  

At Quest Reality Games, we are proud of what we have done over the years to support the community that supports us in these areas.  Are you involved in an organization or event that supports one of these areas?  Feel free to send your donation requests to info@questrealitygames.com!