We Don’t Always Get It Right…But We’ll Make It Right 

Operating an escape room on the surface is a very simple business model—you design puzzles and invite guests to play them. In reality, it is a very challenging business to operate. You’re building a room full of puzzles that are designed to frustrate players’ efforts to solve them (frus·tratefrəstrāt/verb: to prevent a plan or attempted action from progressing, succeeding, or being fulfilled).  

As escape room designers, we create our puzzles with the intention of creating a fun, unique experience for players to enjoy. The very nature of escape rooms is that they are designed such that not everyone will escape (otherwise they’d be called ‘exit rooms’, and what’s the fun in that!?). The reality is that most players arrive with an expectation of escaping. These two opposing intentions can lead to conflict—and some potentially bruised egos. This can turn an effort to frustrate players (as defined above) to a frustrating experience (frustrating/ˈfrəstrādiNG/adjective: causing annoyance or upset because of an inability to change or achieve something).  

At Quest Reality Games, we know a lot can go wrong, and below are just a few examples. We recognize that, despite our best efforts, we don’t always get it right. But we want you—our valued guests—to know that we are committed to always making it right. 

Technology—The Cause And Solution To All Problems 

Technology has increasingly become a key element in escape rooms, from automating puzzles, to electronic doors, to walkie-talkies for communicating between guests and Game Masters.  

Technology is a wonderful way to streamline the game play and enhance immersion. That said, anyone who has had a computer crash during an important presentation, or had a cell phone drop during a critical telephone call knows how frustrating that can be.  

No electronics are immune to glitches, and all electronics need to be restarted at some time or another—even if those times are not opportune!  

We regularly test and reset our electronics, but sometimes the gremlins that crash your computer and drop your calls come knocking at Quest Reality Games, and we all know Murphy’s famous law! 

The Golden Rule 

Among the more than 3,000 escape rooms throughout the world, you will not find many things that we all have in common. One universal rule you will find among EVERY escape room the world over is that NO FORCE IS REQUIRED!  

While we remind all of our guests of this rule—and we strictly enforce it, we cannot see every action of every player all of the time.  

Sometimes players get carried away with their experience. Sometimes players have had too much to drink and get rough with our props and puzzles. Sometimes children get overexcited and out of hand.  

Despite our best efforts, things can happen pretty quickly in escape rooms, which can cause damage—damage that we may not be notified of, or may not immediately notice when resetting and inspecting the rooms between games.  

Context Is Everything 

Has this ever happened to you: Someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do. You grudgingly agree, but make sure they know you’re not going to have a good time. Sure enough, when the time comes you DON’T have a good time—it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy, and it has everything to do with the mindset you’re in. Make up your mind that you won’t have a good time and guest what? You won’t have a good time! 

At Quest Reality Games, our Game Masters are the best around, and we take enormous pride in having best-in-class customer service. Maybe you’ve had a bad day, or someone cut you off in traffic on your way downtown for your game play. Whatever the reason, some guests arrive in the wrong mindset, and even with our best efforts a minor molehill of a hiccup during their experience can turn into a mountain of an issue. 

It’s Not You, It’s US 

As escape room operators, we’ve travelled all over the world and have played dozens of escape games in several different countries. We have experienced good customer service, and we have experienced abysmal customer service. It is based on these experiences that we can confidently say our Game Masters are second-to-none. Despite their super-human customer service skills, our Game Masters are still mere mortals and just as capable of human error as anyone. Maybe they forgot to refresh the batteries in your walkie-talkie. Or maybe something they said got lost in translation. Or maybe they didn’t give you their full attention due to the demands of other guests. Or maybe still they didn’t realize that a prop or puzzle in the theme your team is playing has worn out or was broken by a previous guest who didn’t inform us.  

Whatever the case may be, at Quest Reality Games, realize we don’t always get it right. However, we recognize that you count on us to provide you with an outstanding experience, and we are 100% committed to giving you just that—if something doesn’t go exactly as expected this experience, we’ll make sure we make it right for your next experience with us. We take ALL of our guest feedback VERY seriously, and do everything we can to incorporate your feedback into our operations and game designs. After all, you’re the whole reason we exist! So, before you jump to Google, Trip Advisor, or Facebook to vent your frustrations, consider reaching out to us at info@questrealitygames.com and we’ll do everything we can to make it right!