Top 10 Things We’ve Heard in Our Escape Games

What’s nearly as much fun as playing an escape game? Being a Game Master at one!  Game Mastering is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience—and the best part about it is being able to share our guests’ experience with them.  We get to celebrate their victories with them when they successfully escape, and we get to share laughs with them along the way.  

For a small hint of what makes Game Mastering so great, here’s our top 10 list of the best things we’ve heard in our escape games:

10. Are we locked inside the room? 

Although we create the appearance of being locked in our themed rooms for immersive purposes, unlike some other escape rooms, you will always have a way to easily remove yourself from the rooms.  All of our rooms are equipped with clearly marked emergency exit buttons beside the doors.  These will allow you to escape quickly whenever you need to. If for any reason you are unable to open the doors yourself, our Game Masters can do so with the flip of a single switch.  

Want to know more about the steps we take to ensure player safety?  Check out our blog on Safety.

9. Do you watch on the cameras and laugh at us? 

Believe it or not, our Game Masters form a bond with players. While we do enjoy some of the wacky things our guests do, we’re not in the control room laughing at you, we’re actually rooting for you!  From when you first enter the theme and everyone on your team is wandering around trying to orient yourselves and find that first clue, to when time is running out and you’re on the brink of solving that last puzzle, our Game Masters are on the edge of their seats cheering you on!

8. How long is the game? 

There are few other questions we hear that are so simple in nature and yet so difficult to answer!  Our best answer:  It depends! 

At Quest Reality Games, our guests have 60 minutes to work together to discover exciting clues and solve challenging puzzles in order to ‘escape’.  Some players make it out in the nick of time, and some have just the right combination of teamwork and experience and set records of 30 minutes or less.  Many don’t escape at all, which brings us to #7…

7. If we only had FIVE more minutes!

Ah…such a sad refrain!  This is by FAR the most common thing we hear players say when we enter the theme at the end of their allotted 60 minutes.  If you’ve ever said this, know that you’re in good company.  

This brings us to #6….

6. We failed! We’re so dumb.

First off, know that you are NOT dumb! Escape rooms are designed to be challenging! Their very nature is that not every group will be able to escape.  Part of the excitement of playing an escape game is not knowing whether you will solve all of the puzzles within your allotted time.  If everyone escaped they would be called ‘Exit Rooms’—and that doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun, does it?!

Second, solving escape room puzzles is a learned skill. Solving puzzles requires a certain way of thinking, and like all new skills, we get better at them the more we practice.  Whether it’s your first time playing an escape game, or just your first time playing one of our unique second-generation escape game, know that you WILL get better at it.  Different people think in different ways, and we are all products of our past experience, so if you’re not successful in escaping from one theme, come back and try another; it might just be that the puzzles in one theme are not suited to your unique perspective and experiences.  

If you don’t escape your adventure, feel free to ask your Game Master any questions you have about the theme or the puzzles—they are happy to answer them, and will often help you solve the rest of the room!

Finally—and most importantly of all—did you have fun?  Escape rooms aren’t all about whether or not you escaped, they’re about sharing a fun experience with friends, family, or co-workers.  That’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

5. I’ve 100% got it….maybe!

That’s the thing about puzzles—they’re puzzling, and you’ve never really got it until you get it right!

4. Player 1:  What’s the point in having a light that you can turn off?!….Player 2:  Well, that’s how lights work.

Escape rooms are a lot of fun, but we’re not going to lie—they can also be frustrating.  You can be on the brink of solving a complex puzzle when one of your teammates says, ‘Hey, what does this do?’, and suddenly the lights go out.  It’s all part of the experience.  Share a laugh, shrug it off, and move on.

3. Player 1:  Yeah, but that didn’t work before….Player 2:  Ok, but just try it again.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. And escape games can definitely be crazy-making!  You think you’ve got that puzzle all figured out, you get the last piece in place and….nothing!  So what do you do?  Try it again. Are you crazy?  Maybe, maybe not.  Granted, you might not actually have it correct.  BUT, you might also have something just not quite right. Or, maybe you’re not crazy at all and something has just gone wrong with the puzzle.  Whatever the reason, before you go insane, if you think you’ve got something right and it just isn’t working, check in with your Game Master. That’s what we’re here for!

2. We need to do something with that…not sure what, but we do!

Did we mention escape games can be frustrating?  

And, the #1 BEST thing we hear in our escape games is….

1. I LOVE this!  Why have we never done this before?

This is our FAVOURITE, and it’s the reason we exist—because of YOU, our valued guests! Like we said off the top, being a Game Master is a fun and rewarding experience, and it’s because we love to see the thrill our guests get when they solve their first puzzle, or they bolt through that exit door full of cheers and smiles having just escaped.

If you’ve never played one of our escape games, and you’re looking for something fun and unique to do in Victoria then BOOK NOW.  We’re here waiting to cheer you on!