Are you tired of being cooped up indoors?  Are you looking to get out of the house and have some fun with your social bubble, but still aren’t ready to get locked up inside an escape room?  Quest Reality Games has some exciting news for you!  We’ll soon be launching our newest Cluetivity outdoor adventure game, The Last Secret!  The Last Secret adds to the Magic Portal and Operation Mindfall , and Haunted Victoria outdoor games.

What is Cluetivity?

Cluetivity is a GPS treasure-hunting game, suitable for families and friends of all ages. It combines the best elements of classical treasure hunts, GPS-Geocaching, and Live-Escape-Games with Augmented Reality Technology into an outdoor team game.


Albert Einstein died in 1955 and with him took his great secret to his grave. What nobody expected was that the genius scientist hid a powerful artifact in a mysterious box. Since he wanted his secret to be found by worthy adventurers after his death, he placed clues all over Victoria. To this day, no-one has succeeded in finding the secret. But that will change with a single packing slip and a mysterious delivery…

Game Play

Your team will be provided with a data-enabled iPad and a toolkit (called an Action Pack) that you must use to find geolocations, crack riddles and solve puzzles in order to accomplish you mission.

The Last Secret can be played any time—rain or shine!  It is suitable for groups of 2-6 players.  The duration of the game play will vary depending on the group, but can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. 

We recommend a minimum age of 8 years, and require at least one player 18+. Are you ready to get some fresh air and have a great time?  Give your bubble a buzz and then book online!