NEW: The Last Secret of Albert Einstein

The Last Secret of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein died in 1955 and took with him to his grave a great secret. What nobody expected was that before the genius scientist died he hid his last secret somewhere in downtown Victoria. Since Einstein wanted his secret to be found by only worthy adventurers he placed clues all over Victoria to assist them in the discovery of his great secret. To this day, no-one has succeeded in finding his last secret. But that can change with a single packing slip and a mysterious delivery, are you up for the challenge? Book your quest today.



Magic Portal

        Magic Portal, an outdoor GPS adventure game, where the lines of reality and fantasy become blurred. With the help of a special “portal tracker” (aka: iPad), equipped with GPS, you and your team will be guided on a magical treasure hunt throughout downtown Victoria. In order to complete your quest, and to save the world from evil forces, you and your team will need to interact with virtual avatars and work together to solve tricky riddles. Fun for family, friends and colleagues!

Haunted Victoria

        Test your ghost hunting skills with Cluetivity’s Haunted Victoria!  A portal to the afterlife has opened up in Victoria and the spirits that once haunted the city’s landmarks are returning to their previous haunts! Victoria is one of the most haunted cities in Canada, so we need to catch the spirits before they take over the city! With the help of a special “ghost tracker” (aka: iPad), equipped with GPS, you and your team will be guided on a haunted hunt throughout downtown Victoria. 


Operation Mindfall

Operation Mindfall is an outdoor adventure, an exciting mix of classic scavenger hunt, geocaching, virtual mini-games, and augmented reality. Everything packed into an exciting story in which you play the lead role! Your task is to connect with the Secret Agent organization, W.I.S.E., to create an antivirus, disinfect groundwater, and hack into the malicious company’s mainframe server to stop the signal in time to save the world! Armed with a top-secret briefcase full of gadgets, and a tablet to guide you on your mission through downtown Victoria, you are the world’s last hope! Get your team together and get ready for a whole new outdoor adventure! 

Partnership Opportunities!

Partners wanted!  Cluetivity is an excellent fit for many businesses, such as sight-seeing tours, stops along the game route, or simply for partners to refer as an activity in Victoria. Cluetivity can be customized in many ways, from length of game play, to geographic location, to the types of puzzles players must solve. If you’d like to explore a partnership with us, we’d like to hear from you!  Please contact us at


  • Cluetivity was a lot of fun. Highly recommend playing with a few people but not too many as you have to share the iPad. Looking forward to trying the spy game.



  • We had an amazing time. My boyfriend and I did one of the rooms just the two of us. It was challenging but so much fun. I would suggest this to anyone as a date night or a way to challenge yourself.


  • What a fun challenge and awesome way to see downtown Victoria! Saw places along the way to go back to after our quest…which we failed but certainly not without much laughter! Definitely recommend….be prepared for questions from passerbys as to “what’s going on?” as you are test tubing “potions” down an alley! Thanks, Quest!!

    Kim A

  • I liked the Goblin, the augmented reality was pretty cool. We found all the crystals but didn’t close the portal in time, still had fun. Can’t wait to try out Operation Mindfall!