It’s All About the Details 

Most people don’t think about or realize how much goes into proving an outstanding guest experience at an escape room. But they DO know when they’ve had a great time!  Believe it or not, it takes much more than designing great sets and immersive puzzles. At Quest Reality Games, we put just as much effort into providing you with an overall outstanding experience as we do into developing our immersive, second-generation escape games.  Whether you’ve never played one of our escape games, or a coming back for your fourth time, here’s a few things that we we’re proud to have set us apart! 

Welcome To Quest Reality Games! 

From the moment you walk through the front door of our storefront in the heart of downtown Victoria, everything we do at Quest Reality Games is designed to provide an outstanding experience, starting with our best-in-class Game Masters greeting you with a friendly ‘welcome to Quest Reality Games!’.   

If you happen to arrive during one of our busier times and aren’t sure where that warm greeting came from, just look for the person with the Quest Reality Games logo on their shirt.  That’s right, all our staff proudly wear Quest Reality Games uniforms.  As escape game enthusiasts ourselves, nothing sets the tone for an underwhelming experience more than walking into some non-descript office space and trying to figure out if the person in the plaid shirt sitting there playing with their iPhone is an employee or someone who’s waiting for their friend to finish in the washroom! 

It won’t take long for you to get to know your Game Master either, because they will give you a personal introduction.  When you’re preparing to play an escape room you’ve got a lot on your mind:  Will we escape?  Are the puzzles going to be too hard for us?  Should I have downed that Big Gulp in the car on the way to Quest?  We want to do what we can to set your mind at ease, and having a rapport with your Game Master is one way we try to do that.  That way, hopefully you’ll feel more comfortable saying, ‘Hey Savannah, how about a hint?!’ 

Agents, Explorers, Rescuers, oh my! 

Immersion is such an important element of a well-designed escape game.  To us, immersion means so much more than creating a great storyline to go with our second-generation puzzles.  Immersion means paying attention to even the smallest detail.   

We want you to feel like you’re living the adventure, and are part of the game. We think the ‘escape’ in in ‘escape room’ doesn’t just mean escaping from the space in which you have been trapped, it means losing yourself in your escape room AND escaping reality when you come to play. That’s why you’ll never hear our Game Masters say, ‘hey guys’ when addressing our guests.  We want you to embrace your role, whether it’s Survivors who are seeking to find the truth behind the mysterious zombie plague that has stricken Victoria, or Rescuers who are deep inside the Great Pyramid in search of the missing Stanley Dunford.  We will make you believe that you have stepped into another world! 

You Get What You Pay For…And Then Some! 

On top of having a large space to entertain you,  Quest Reality Games offers many value-adds to maximize the effectiveness of your teambuilding experience.  

Large Meeting Space 

Large Meeting Space 

We are the ONLY escape game operator to offer a large meeting space. It has the capacity to seat up to 20 players, with additional standing room. This meeting space can be booked—at no extra charge—before or after your game play (or both!) to allow your team time to meet, socialize, and debrief. 

Personality Assessment Survey 

No other escape game operators offer a personality assessment tool. At Quest Reality Games, at your request, we will provide your team with a link to a FREE personality assessment survey that you can complete before the date of your game play. We will then provide you with a report the day before your game play that categorizes each participant into one of four unique personality types. You can share this report with your team however you wish—or gather them in our large meeting room to discuss the results. This fun tool enhances the escape game experience by allowing players to identify and understand the unique traits of each other’s personalities, and how to communicate most effectively with each other. In conjunction with an escape game experience, it helps all teammates to be aware of how to most effectively interact with each other to maximize your team’s results. 

Food and Drink 

We have a unique partnership with Domino’s Pizza through which you can order pizza to feed your hungry team. We also sell an assortment of pop and water. We can order pizza to be hot and fresh and waiting for your carnivorous crew to enjoy in our large event room once they’re done their game play. 

The best part is, we offer competitive pricing  for our corporate guests, so you can rest assured that you’re getting an amazing event at a great value! 

We invite anyone who is considering booking an event to pay our storefront a visit. We are proud of our facility and happy to offer tours to give you a better idea of what we have to offer. We have no doubt that you will see the benefits of hosting your next teambuilding activity with us!  

Making Memories 

Just because your hour is over, doesn’t mean the memories should be too!  When your game play is done, we’ll take your picture for posterity.  You’ll then receive a copy by text or email with a custom filter to help you remember the theme you played—and your awesome escape time! 

Now that you know the dets, book now to see what sets up apart!