I Failed an Escape Room. Am I dumb?

Sticking a fork in a toaster is dumb. Failing at an escape room, not so much. Time and time again we hear people telling us how dumb they feel because they didn’t complete the game—but it’s just not true! Whether you succeed in escaping from an escape room has nothing to do with your intelligence. In fact, it can tell you some fascinating things about yourself, your friends, and the people who made the game.

First off, know that you are NOT dumb! Escape rooms are designed to be challenging!  Their very nature is that not every group will be able to escape.  Part of the excitement of playing an escape game is not knowing whether you will solve all of the puzzles within your allotted time.  If everyone escaped they would be called ‘Exit Rooms’—and that doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun, does it?!

Second, solving escape room puzzles is a learned skill.  And just like learning anything else, there is a curve, and practice makes perfect. Solving puzzles requires a certain way of thinking, and like all new skills, we get better at them the more we practice.  Whether it’s your first time playing an escape game, or just your first time playing one of our unique second-generation escape games, know that you WILL get better at it.  Different people think in different ways, and we are all products of our past experience, so if you’re not successful in escaping from one theme, come back and try another. It might just be that the puzzles in one theme are not suited to your unique perspective and experiences. 

Those people who crush escape rooms and set all-time records more often than not are enthusiasts who’ve played countless game! So, you should never feel disheartened for not escaping; just keep practicing, you’ll get better—and who knows, maybe you too will wind up on our leaderboard for setting a record!

If you don’t escape your adventure, feel free to ask your Game Master any questions you have about the theme or the puzzles—they are happy to answer them, and will often help you solve the rest of the room!

Finally—and most importantly of all—did you have fun?  Escape rooms aren’t all about whether or not you escaped, they’re about sharing a fun experience with friends, family, or co-workers.  That’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

The morale of the story?  Don’t get caught up in whether or not you escaped, and reading into what that means about you as a person, and try to stay in the moment and enjoy the experience for what it is—a game that is meant to be a fun, challenging, and exciting way to spend time with friends and family.   

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