Have a special request? Read this first!

At Quest Reality Games, we have put a LOT into providing our guests with an immersive experience. We want you to feel like you get lost in your experience, and feel like you’re part of the game—and we LOVE it when you embrace this ethos and make us part of your own special experience or plans. We’ve helped people celebrate milestone birthdays, surprise friends, and even get engaged! In fact, we get a lot of special requests. We do our best to be as accommodating as we can. Sometimes we’re able to make magic happen with you, but the reality is some requests just won’t work. If you’re considering contacting us for a special request, here’s some of the things we can and cannot do. 

Rules are rules 

All of the rules we have in place exist for a specific reason—and we’re sorry, but we can’t make exceptions. For instance, recording devices are a hard ‘no’. Cell phone use or photo-taking are not permitted. Why? Well, the nature of our games involves our guests experiencing the excitement and enjoyment of discovering the secrets that lie in our unique, second-generation games. Imagine if that experience were diminished for you because someone had posted pictures from their experience on social media for all to see. Not cool. That means that if you want to surprise someone in one of our themes, there is sadly no way to capture it on film. We would love nothing more than to help capture your magic moment on camera, but rules are rules! 

Can we come to you? 

The world is becoming a ‘smaller place’, and we have guests from all over the globe play our games. On occasion, we receive requests for mobile escape games. While mobile escape games definitely exist, it is not something Quest Reality Games offers. What we do offer is our Cluetivity outdoor adventure games. Want to know more about Cluetivity? Check out our blogs Everything You Need To Know Before Booking Your Cluetivity Adventure and Cluetivity.  

Cluetivity games are highly customizable in terms of size, location, and complexity. We can develop custom games to any length or location. Choose from a preset game, or collaborate with our designers to develop a route custom-tailored to meet the needs of your unique team. Naturally, these games take time to develop, so we request a minimum 5 weeks notice for custom routes. Interested in a personalized Cluetivity game? Contact us for a consultation and pricing.  


Our escape games are a great way to strengthen corporate teams and build friendships. They can also be part of a larger event. Indeed, many groups include us as part of a day or evening of festivities. Can you have a party at Quest? Absolutely! Can you bring your own food? No problem! What about music? At a reasonable volume, you bet! How about alcohol? Maybe. We are not licensed, so anyone wishing to include alcohol in their celebrations at Quest will need to obtain their own liquor license. During the winter holiday season, we offer party packages, in conjunction with our friends at Darcy’s Pub, which can include an alcoholic beverage for players 19+.  

Schedule Changes 

This is by far the most common request we receive. We get it, you’ve got a large group who want to do a team-building activity. Maybe you want to add a little friendly competition to the activity, or maybe we’re just one stop in an otherwise jam-packed agenda, and you want to know, ‘can we play head-to-head’? Or can we play your games at a time of our choosing?  

Large groups are always a ton of fun for our Game Masters, and we love hosting them. In fact, to accommodate such requests, we offer the option of booking our facility exclusively for private events outside of our regular operating hours (with sufficient notice) at no additional cost. Once we’re open, though, our schedule is set. It needs to be that way so all of our guests have the ability to rely on that schedule for booking their experience. During those operating hours, our games times are staggered by 15 minutes to allow time for our Game Masters to prepare guests and reset the rooms. Even if your groups don’t start at the same time, you can still add some friendly competition to your experience by seeing who can escape in the fastest time (or which group is closest to escaping). That still doesn’t work for you? We have options! Try booking one of our Cluetivity outdoor adventure games. We have the capacity for 60+ players at one time! Cluetivity is both time- and points-based, which makes it a perfect fit for some friendly competition. Or contact us for special pricing to book your exclusive experience during our operating hours. 

Group Sizes 

Next to schedule changes, altering group sizes is the second most common request we get. Maybe you’ve got 3 players in your group and want to tackle the Sorcerer’s Lair. Or you’ve got 7 players and want to see if you have what is takes to escape from the haunted Rosewood Manor. Can we alter our group sizes? This is another hard ‘no’. The minimum and maximum group sizes for our themes at set for two very good reasons: First, is player safety. For good reason, we are limited to the number of players we have in our facility at any one time, and we take that very seriously. Too many people means greater risk to your safety, and that’s a risk we’re simply not willing to take. Second, is player enjoyment. Believe it or not, it is quite challenging developing games that are fair and can reasonably be completed by just 2 players, but will also keep 8 players engaged as well. There’s only so many people who can be engaged in activity solving puzzles at one time, and 9 players in the Zombie Apocalypse likely means at least one person is going to find it challenging to be involved. Likewise, the nature of the game play in the Sorcerer’s Lair means that with less than four players, someone is going to have their experience diminished.  

Given the variety and uniqueness of special requests, it can be challenging for us to accommodate specific and detailed requests, but we want to help make your visit memorable, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us and ask. You never know, if you’re willing to accept our limitations, we just might be able to help you make magic!