Halloween At Quest Reality Games

The kids have returned to school.  The nights are getting longer, and the days are getting cooler.  The leaves on the trees have begun to change.  These are all signs that summer has once again come to an end, and fall has arrived.  It’s also a sign that Halloween is just around the corner!

At Quest Reality Games, we welcome this spooky time of year!  Our Game Masters love to decorate for Halloween, and look forward each year to our annual pumpkin carving activity! We also put out our big bowl of candy as part of the Downtown Victoria Business Association’s annual trick or treat.

Each year around Halloween, we receive requests to book our ‘scariest’ game.  While it is never our intention to scare our guests, we do have games that will satisfy those who are looking for a way to ‘spook’ up their Halloween!

Rosewood Manor

The Rosewood Manor has been abandoned for decades. Legend has it that the old manor is haunted, and anyone who spends more than one hour inside will be trapped there forever! One day, many years ago, 8-year-old Tommy Dawson entered the Rosewood Manor on a dare, and he has never returned! Today, many years later, you too have entered the Rosewood Manor on a quest for the truth. Will you uncover the secret of what happened to Tommy Dawson so many years ago, or will you too become trapped inside forever?

  • Time: 60 minutes (maximum)
  • Number of players:  2-6 (one player must be 18+)
  • Recommended minimum age:  Don’t be frightened that the Rosewood Manor is haunted.  It is a fun haunted-house concept inspired by the haunted houses as seen on Scooby Doo and Walt Disneyland.  It is spooky not scary, and is intended for all ages!

Haunted Victoria

Test your ghost hunting skills with Cluetivity’s Haunted Victoria! A portal to the afterlife has opened up in Victoria, and the spirits that once haunted its landmarks are returning to their previous haunts!

Victoria is one of the most haunted cities in Canada, so we need to catch the spirits before they take over the city! With the help of a special “ghost tracker” (aka: iPad) equipped with GPS, you and your team will be guided on a haunted hunt throughout downtown Victoria. 

  • Time: 1.5 to 2 hrs
  • Number of players 2-6 per iPad, one player must be 18+
  • Recommended minimum age: 8 years

This Halloween, come down to Quest Reality and enjoy a treat.  There will be no tricks, but you’re sure to experience a challenging, entertaining, and immersive experience!