Everything You Need to Know Before Booking Case-Solving Investigators

Are you a puzzling enthusiast? Have you played all of our escape games? Are you looking for a fun, unique experience in Victoria? At Quest Reality Games, we have designed a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience—Case-Solving Investigators! Here’s everything you need to know about it, before you book:

What Is Case-Solving Investigators?

Case-SolvingInvestigators is a new style of game, unlike anything you have experienced before! It’s NOT an escape game, but rather an investigation game that puts you and your team in the role of rookie CSIs who are tasked with investigating a actual scene!

Using the Victoria Police’s latest in investigative technology, your team must scour the scene. Then, using the Crime Lab’s knowledge database you will process and analyze the evidence—and ultimately solve the case!

It’s A Prequel

Prior to the zombie plague that struck Victoria during the Zombie Apocalypse, Frank O’Malley was one of Victoria Police’s finest detectives. While he was on the brink of cracking the biggest case in Victoria Police’s history, and shutting down BioLab Inc.’s questionable research practices, Frank was also on the case of the mysterious death of Melanie Burton. 

He and Victoria Police’s seasoned investigators have been called upon to investigate a series of mysterious and grizzly deaths, leaving your team of rookie CSIs to solve the case. Under the guidance of the Victoria Police Crime Lab Director, your team must process the scene, carefully investigating every detail, and search for any clues as to what has caused Miss Burton’s untimely demise. 

Everyone is a suspect! 

With the help of Detective Frank O’Malley, your team will interview the witnesses and suspects. Finally, using the information you have gleaned from the scene and your interviews, your team must determine what has happened to Melanie Burton, and who is at fault. 


Melanie Burton’s body has just been discovered. There appears to be no witnesses. What has happened to her—and how? Who is at fault—and why? Your team will be provided with CSI kits, including the latest in investigative technology. Your task is to access the scene and search for clues and evidence. You will scan the evidence and upload it to the crime lab for analysis.


Once your team has processed the scene, you will need to head to the Victoria Police crime lab. Using the crime lab’s tools and knowledgebase, you will analyze the evidence.

Whose fingerprints have you found? Whose blood was at the scene? What was the cause of Melanie’s death, and when did it occur? These are among the questions your team must answer to solve this case! 


Someone MUST know something! With Frank’s help, your team will interview witnesses and suspects. Using the evidence and your analysis, you will corroborate or contradict their statements—and ultimately solve this case!

1 Scene, 3 Scenarios

We often hear how much our guests love our escape games, and how disappointing it is they can only be played once. With Case-Solving Investigators, we have solved that dilemma! Now, you will be able to experience Case-Solving Investigators up to THREE times! The scene is the same, but the evidence is different in all three scenarios, giving you the chance to investigate up to three times!

Educational Value

Case-Solving Investigators challenges players to put their investigative skills to the test. Your logic, critical-thinking, and analytical skills will all be put to the test. As you examine evidence, you’ll learn about human anatomy, as well as various aspects of forensic science, making Case-Solving Investigators a fun, challenging, AND educational game!

Game Play Specifics

Case-Solving Investigators an investigation game, suitable for 2-8 players. Players have 90 minutes to investigate the scene and file a report with their crime-lab supervisor. Players are given two chances to file an accurate report.

As this is an “active” investigation scene, parents are strongly cautioned that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13, as it contains a realistic corpse, blood and gore.

This is NOT an escape game, this is an investigation game that challenges your team to solve the mysterious death of Melanie Burton. However, like an escape game, smaller teams will be challenged more to find the clues, process the evidence, and solve the case.

Do you love a good mystery? Is true crime your jam? Then you will LOVE Case-Solving Investors! A game like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Time is running out, so you must act fast! Assemble your team of Case-Solving Investigators, and get ready to report to Quest Reality Games! Book now.