Escape Rooms: 5 reasons why to play them!

#1: IT’S A DATE!

This week it’s your turn to come up with a date night for your significant other. They’ve set a challenge that your date night has to be fun, challenging and different. Now you’re looking for something new and unique to do that isn’t the same old boring dinner and a movie. So what to do in Victoria? How about booking an escape room to make things interesting, and hopefully help you score points along the way!

Escape rooms are a great way to build teamwork within a relationship. Our unique second-generation escape rooms are more than just boxes, locks, codes and keys.  At Quest Reality Games, our escape rooms will test your problem-solving abilities in many ways. This includes your memory, powers of observation, logic, deductive reasoning, and code-breaking abilities.  You and your date will need to work together to solve the puzzles and escape within 60 minutes. There’s no other way to work on your communication and cooperation skills while having so much fun!

Maybe this is your first date, and you’re looking for a way to ‘wow’ your date and show them that you can think outside of the box, but it’s too soon to be locked alone inside a room for an hour.  Show your date you know how to plan a good time and book one of our Cluetivity outdoor adventure escape games.  You can show them how smart you are while you navigate the streets of downtown Victoria solving tricky riddles and puzzles. All this the while seeing the beautiful scenery—and having a great time working together and getting to know each other while you’re at it!  You and your date can close the Magic Portal and rid the world of evil forces. Or become secret agents and save the world from the deadly mind-control virus, in Operation Mindfall.



It’s your birthday week, and you’re looking for something fun and unique to do with your family and friends for your birthday party. However, all that birthday planning is giving you a headache. Fear not! Book an escape room at Quest Reality Games and have the most epic and memorable birthday party!

Come on down on your birthday (or within 3 days of your birthday), show us your ID, and we’ll make your birthday a happy one with a free game play on us!  Want to spend some time before or after your game play celebrating with your friends and family?  No problem! Book our party room and you can hang out and talk about how you managed to elude the evil Zibeydor and escape the Sorcerer’s Lair. Or how you uncovered the truth behind the zombie plague in the Zombie Apocalypse. Or perhaps you discovered what really happened to Tommy Dawson so many years ago in the Rosewood Manor. Or saved your old friend Professor Stanley Dunford and discovered the Secrets of the Great Pyramid!

Did all that fun make you hungry?  Ask us about ordering a Domino’s pizza, or how you can get a complimentary appy at Darcy’s Pub!

Spending your birthday playing an escape room not only brings you closer with your friends and family, but it gives you a lifetime of memories that you and your friends will always remember!

Our rooms are exciting, epic, and are suitable for most ages and skills levels—even children!  So, if you’re looking for fun things to do in Victoria for your child’s birthday, look no further than Quest Reality Games for all your birthday party needs!  At Quest Reality Games, we will do the birthday party planning for you—the food, the activity, and even the party treat!

Birthday Party Packages

Our birthday party package includes your choice of an indoor escape room or an outdoor Cluetivity escape game adventure, a dedicated Game Master, a table in our party room, Dominospizza, juice or water, a party treat for each guest, plus a special birthday message for the guest of honour!  Not only that, we provide all the napkins, plates, and cutlery for the pizza and your cake! If escape rooms aren’t quite your thing—or if you just need a break—your dedicated Game Masters will join the party guest while they’re in the room to ensure they’re having a great time.

Our birthday party packages are priced based on the number of guests and whether you wish to have a weekend or weekday party.  You can check out our current pricing here.



It’s the time of the year where your staff have been working so hard for your company, and you really want to show your appreciation and reward them!  Escape games are a great team-building activity. Plus they give you a chance to get everyone out of the office and do something fun together as a team while you’re at it!

While your team is one of our escape games they’ll be practicing their interpersonal communication skills, and developing problem-solving abilities! Escape rooms also help improve your time-management skills and get you into a teamwork-orientated mindset.  Everyone will have a great time while they’re working together to solve the puzzles and riddles to escape the room! The immersive worlds in our second generation escape rooms will heighten the urgency of your challenge, with the clock ticking down and everyone working towards their final goal. Most importantly, no one can succeed or fail alone in escaping as they worked together as a team! After you’ve escaped a room with your team, you can rest assured everyone have built trust and teamwork that they can take back to the workplace.  They’ll also have built memories and created stories that they’ll be talking about for years to come!

Budget Friendly

Our team-building activities are good for your budget too, because the more players you have, the less you pay!  We even have special pricing for large groups of 15 or more.  You can check out our current pricing here.

If you want to challenge another group, our Game Masters can facilitate your challenge by determining which group escaped in the best time, or which group was closest to escaping their theme.

If the logistics of your team-building activity requires all players to complete their game within the same one-hour time frame. We offer the option of booking outside of our regular operating hours for groups of 15 or more, giving you complete private access to our entire facility and allowing us to run multiple themes simultaneously!

Getting ready to book your team building activities? Email us or contact us for your corporate booking now!



You’re looking to plan a ladies’ night out for you and the girl? Want something different to do in Victoria.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  At Quest Reality Games, the first Thursday of every month is Ladies’ Night!  Like us on Facebook or Instagram and Share our promotional video and you’ll play for just $20!

Fellas, we’ve got your backs as well, because the last Thursday of every month is Men’s Night! Get your buddies together, Like us on Facebook or Instagram and Share our promotional video and you too will play for just $20!

Our puzzles test a wide variety of skill sets and interests, and are intended for players of all ages and ability levels, so don’t worry about picking your smartest friends—everyone can help!



Student life can be hard. You spend all day in lectures, and long hours in the evening studying. Between tuition, books, and rent, there’s not much left in the budget but a few bucks for Ramon noodles! Still, everyone needs to take a break and get out for something fun to do.  At Quest Reality Games, we understand.  In fact, many of our Game Masters are students themselves!  That’s why we’ve come up with Student Tuesdays. That’s right—every Tuesday is Student Tuesday!   Bring your student ID, Like us on Facebook or Instagram, and Share our promotional video and you and your roommates will play for just $20!

Don’t worry about feeling guilty that you’re not studying. Completing escape rooms helps improve memory and concentration, so, while you’re playing an escape game you’re actually getting smarter! What could be better than that?!

And that’s the top 5 reasons why you need to play escape rooms at least once!