Why You Should Book Your Next Corporate Event With Quest Reality Games 

Are you a business-owner, manager, supervisor, or team leader who’s looking for something to do in Victoria to strengthen the relationships within your team? The concept of team-building activities is not new, but is certainly growing in popularity as businesses become more aware of the benefits of creating high-performing, cohesive teams. Escape rooms are an excellent activity to help achieve this goal. Why? Because they offer an environment where teams must work together towards a common goal. Success is dependent on effective communication and teamwork. Players can leverage the existing strengths of teammates, and learn new ones they maybe weren’t aware of—all in a safe and fun environment.  

Other escape game operators have claims to fame, and offer games with  intriguing themes, but we would like to suggest that we have some unique features to offer that those others do not. Read on to learn what sets us apart and why we are a great venue for your next  event. 

Size Matters! 

Quest Reality Games is the biggest escape game operator on Vancouver Island! Our facility is approximately 4,300 square feet and currently holds five different  indoor  games—all of which are offered at our discounted corporate rate (see Pricing).  

Have a large team that you want to take out for an afternoon of activities? No problem. Our five themes can accommodate up to 40 players! Want to divide your team into departments or other smaller groups and challenge each other head-to-head? We can do that! We offer the option of booking outside of our regular operating hours. This gives you private access to our entire facility, and allows us to run multiple themes simultaneously—all at no additional cost to you! 

Maybe you have a smaller team that you want to have play one theme together? We can do that too! Our Sorcerer’s Lair theme can comfortably accommodate up to 10 players. Plus, it’s designed to encourage trust and communication—just the skills that can benefit your team. 

Variety is the Spice of Life 

We chose the name Quest Reality Games and not Quest Escape Games for a reason—because we’re MORE than just escape games! We offer a variety of game options: 

Case Solving Investigators 

This is truly a one-of-a-kind gaming experience! Players are cast into the role of rookie crime scene investigators, and have 90 minutes to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of Melanie Burton. Armed with a CSI toolkit, including the latest in crime-scene processing technology, players must process and analyse the evidence, assist Detective Frank O’Malley in interviewing witnesses, and ultimately file an accurate report with their crime lab supervisor to solve this mystery. 

Cluetivity Outdoor Adventure Games 

Our Cluetivity outdoor adventure games blend the best elements of GPS geocaching and classical treasure hunts into an exciting adventure game that takes players through the streets of downtown Victoria while solving tricky puzzles and riddles in order to save the world! We have several options, such as Operation Mindfall, Magic Portal, Haunted Victoria, and a route designed exclusively for bicycle riders.  

Our Cluetivity outdoor adventure games can accommodate up to 60 players! 

Quality And Quantity 

Size isn’t everything, and while we may have the ability to host groups of up to 100 players, we also believe in providing every player with an outstanding and  unique experience. Our games are all designed around unique storylines, and we have spared no detail in designing the sets for all of our themes. We monitor the ever-evolving escape game industry, and latest in escape game technology, and adhere to a philosophy of continuously improving our games. All of this means you get the most immersive and up-to-date experience possible! 

We offer three levels of difficulty for all of our indoor escape games, and we make sure that you never feel stuck or overwhelmed in our games. We provide you with the information you need before your game, so you feel comfortable and ready to take on whatever challenges we throw at you. Still not sold? We invite you to come by and take a look at our facility for yourself! 

You Get What You Pay For… And Then Some! 

On top of having a large space to entertain you,  Quest Reality Games offer many value-adds to maximize the effectiveness of your teambuilding experience.  

Large Meeting Space 

We are the ONLY escape game operator to offer a large meeting space. It has the capacity to seat 16-20 players, with additional standing room. This meeting space can be booked—at no extra charge—before or after your game play (or both!) to allow your team time to meet, socialize, and debrief. 

Personality Assessment Survey 

No other escape game operators offer a personality assessment tool. We will provide you with a link to a FREE personality assessment survey that you can distribute to your team to complete before the date of your game play. We will then provide you with a report the day before your game play that categorizes each participant into one of four unique personality types. You can share this report with your team however you wish—or gather them in our large meeting room to discuss the results. This fun tool enhances the escape game experience by allowing players to identify and understand the unique traits of each other’s personalities, and how to communicate most effectively with each other. In conjunction with an escape game experience, it helps all teammates to be aware of how to most effectively interact with each other to maximize your team’s results. 

Food and Drink 

We have a unique partnership with Domino’s Pizza through which you can order pizza to feed your hungry team. We also sell an assortment of pop and water. We can order pizza to be hot and fresh and waiting for your hungry crew to enjoy in our meeting room once they’re done their game play. 

The best part is, we offer  competitive pricing  for our corporate guests, so you can rest assured that you’re getting an amazing event at a great value! 

We invite anyone who is considering booking an event to pay our facility a visit. We are proud of our facility and happy to offer tours to give you a better idea of what we have to offer. We have no doubt that you will see the benefits of hosting your next teambuilding activity with us!  

Interested in booking your next corporate event with Quest Reality Games? Contact us at info@questrealitygames.com.