Case-Solving Investigators Online Game

Case-Solving Investigators is now available as an online game for $49.99 (plus tax), suitable for players wanting to collaborate with other households, on multiple devices (additional seats must be purchased under the same booking for each  device/household, each seat is $49.99).

You are Rookies who have been called in to help Detective Frank O’Malley solve the case of Melanie Burton’s   mysterious death.

Investigate: Melanie Burton’s body has just been discovered. There appears to be no witnesses. What has happened to her- and how? Your task is to access the scene and search for clues and evidence.

Analyze: Once your team has processed the scene, you will need to head to the crime lab. Using the crime lab’s tools   and knowledge base, you will analyze the evidence you’ve collected. Whose fingerprints have you found? Whose  blood was at the scene? What was the cause of Melanie’s death and when did it occur? These are among a few of the questions your team must answer to solve this case!

Solve: Someone MUST know something about the death of Melanie Burton! Using the evidence, interviews and your analysis, you will corroborate or contradict their statements and ultimately solve the case!

Three scenarios to choose from!