Are You Game Master Material?

Are you an escape room enthusiast? Do you excel in customer service, and are looking for ways to take your skills to the next level? Would you love a truly fun job that makes you excited to go to work? If so, you should consider becoming a game master at Quest Reality Games! 

Some of our very own game masters have compiled this list of qualities that great game masters have. If you see yourself in this description, consider sending us your resume!

Attention to detail

Every time a player enters one of our themed rooms, we are providing them with a total experience. This starts with greeting each one of our guests with a friendly ‘Welcome to Quest Reality Games!’.  We start to immerse our guests before their game even begins, by referring to them based on the theme they are set to enjoy.  Whether they are Rescuers entering the Great Pyramid, or Adventurers sneaking into the Sorcerer’s Lair, we strive for each of our guests to be fully immersed in their game play. For this to happen, it is important for our game masters to make sure that everything in the rooms are just right—down to even the smallest props.

Amazing customer service skills

Although it may feel like you don’t see your game master very much during your time in an escape room, their job is entirely centered around providing an outstanding guest experience! Right from when guests walk in the door, our game masters are completely focused on providing an immersive experience. This means being in ‘character’ throughout a player’s entire game play. 

Our game masters work to develop a rapport with ‘their’ players. Starting by providing a warm greeting when the guests walk through the door, to introducing themselves as ‘your Game Master for today’ when preparing guests for their game play. If for some reason a guest’s experience doesn’t go as expected, guests know who their game master was that can make it right.  More commonly, when guests want to give a shout out in a 5-star Google review to their outstanding game master, they’ll know exactly whose name to name!

Ability to improvise

Our escape rooms are full to the brim of complex technology. Although our game masters do an incredible job of making sure each game play runs seamlessly, sometimes, despite all of our best efforts, things can go wrong. But this doesn’t mean our guests need to be negatively impacted. In order to ensure that each player has an outstanding experience, our game masters must be quick on their feet in order to keep the immersion going.  This sometimes involves some on-the-spot improvisation to resolve problems quickly, without players even realizing that anything happened in the first place!

Good judgment

Escape rooms—particularly second-generation escape games, like Quest Reality games—involve a large amount of high-technology props that keep each game play immersive and exciting. However, in order to keep this technology operating and to ensure flawless game play for every guest, each game master must practice good judgment at all times to ensure no harm comes to our guests and that no player inadvertently damages a prop that would negatively impact another player’s experience. This involves keeping a close eye on players that are in the rooms to ensure they are following the rules, and keeping an eye out for any customers that may be intoxicated and not able to play.


Escape rooms are typically booked back-to-back on busy days, such as weekends. On those days, there are often many tasks that all need to be done at the same time, including multiple game plays going on at once, props needing repair, and guest questions to answer. At busy times like this, game masters must be able to prioritize tasks and determine which must be taken care of first.

Being able to make people laugh

Most people who come to Quest Reality Games are looking to have a fun, entertaining experience. Creating immersion is just one part of creating this experience. Cracking a few jokes and creating a bond with our guests provides a fun, entertaining experience for our guests and game masters alike—and can be the best part of the job! Players place a lot of trust in their game masters, who lock them in a room and are their main source for interaction while they’re in their game play. Making some jokes with players helps to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

Passion for escape rooms

While people who have never played an escape room can still make great game masters, having a love for the industry helps to make the day-to-day of working at an escape room that much more exciting! Being an avid escape room player helps new game masters figure out how to give every single guest a great experience. Those who have played escape rooms themselves can draw from their experiences and learn from other amazing game masters to make sure they’re providing every guest an outstanding experience. 

Being a quick learner

While we do have a thorough training process at Quest Reality Games, a lot of the job can’t be learned until we have actual hands on experience with it. Because of this, most of the time our game masters have to learn quickly in situations which involve guests. While there is always a more senior game master there to look over the situations and step in if needed, being a quick learner is definitely an important skill to have. If any of these attributes sound like you, feel free to send your resume in to Quest Reality Games at! We’re always looking for talented game masters to join our team, and if these descriptions sound like you, we look forward to hearing from you!