Try our newest escape game experience, Abduction!

You’ve heard the stories…crop circles in England, UFOs, flying saucers, Area 51.  It all seems impossible.  Just the wild imagination of science fiction writers and glory-seekers with false memories, right?  Are we really alone in the universe?  Abduction! finally answers the age-old question.  One minute your feet are firmly on Earth and the next you and your team are fighting for your lives aboard an alien spacecraft destined for the outer reaches of the galaxy!  Will you and your teammates have what it takes to make it to the escape pod and return to Earth before the alien spacecraft leaves Earth’s orbit, or will you be taken to a distant planet to become specimens in an intergalactic zoo? 

This is the most immersive escape game you will experience, with puzzles that respond in real time to player actions, and change with the passage of time. 

WARNING:  This theme contains confined spaces, loud noises, and bright and flashing lights.  All players must be comfortable being in small spaces for short periods of time. 

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