7 Reasons to Try Quest Reality Games During COVID-19

The BC Provincial Government recently announced its Restart Plan has moved into phase 3, which means British Columbians can now take part in smart, safe, and respectful travel within B.C.  If you’ve been sheltering-in-place for the past few months and are now ready to start getting out into the ‘new normal’, we’ve provided a number of reasons to choose Quest Reality Games for your escape game adventure in a previous blog.  As we all adjust and adapt to life in this phase of the Restart Plan, here are a few more reasons to bring your social bubble down to Quest Reality Games for some fun!

Our rooms are private

At Quest Reality Games, we’ve always believed private escape games are better.  They’re a fun, unique way to promote team building, they avoid the awkwardness of spending an hour in a small space with perfect strangers, and they allow you to control your own experience.  Now, more than ever, we believe it’s important that all of our games are private experiences.  This allows you to enjoy a safe, fun afternoon or evening out knowing that you’re in control of those who you come into contact with, and not put yourself or others at risk of being in close contact with anyone outside your social bubble.

We focus on safety  

Speaking of safety, we have always said our main priority is player safety, and we have taken a cautious approach to our re-opening.  To keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve put a new safety plan in place. This plan has been reviewed and approved by WorkSafe BC.  Have questions about our safety plan?  Check out our COVID-19 FAQ and our Safety Plan.

Support A Local Business

Small businesses like ours are the lifeblood of the local economy.  Small businesses create jobs in the local community, and spend money supporting other local businesses.  At Quest Reality Games, it has always been important to us to support the local community that supports us, from making cash and in-kind donations to local charitable organizations, to volunteering our time.  By supporting our local business, you allow us to continue to support others in the community—a win-win for everyone!

It’s A Great Way To Escape

We provide premium, highly-immersive games.  A well-designed, immersive game is a great form of escapism.  An immersive game will pull the player out of their reality.  It will help them to escape from everything going on in the world around them and let them focus on having fun.

At Quest Reality Games, we want you to feel like you’re living the adventure, and are part of the game. We think the ‘escape’ in ‘escape room’ doesn’t just mean escaping from the space in which you have been trapped, it means losing yourself in your escape room AND escaping reality when you come to play. That’s why you’ll never hear our Game Masters say, ‘hey guys’ when addressing our guests.  We want you to embrace your role, whether its Abductees who seeking to escape from their alien captors, or Rescuers who are deep inside the Great Pyramid in search of the missing Stanley Dunford.  Our goal is to make you believe that you have stepped into another world!


We’ve just launched our newest, most technologically advanced game ever!

You’ve heard the stories…crop circles in England, UFOs, flying saucers, Area 51.  It all seems impossible.  Just the wild imagination of science fiction writers and glory-seekers with false memories, right?  Are we really alone in the universe?  Abduction! finally answers the age-old question.  One minute your feet are firmly on Earth and the next you and your team are fighting for your lives aboard an alien spacecraft destined for the outer reaches of the galaxy!  Will you and your teammates have what it takes to make it to the escape pod and return to Earth before the alien spacecraft leaves Earth’s orbit, or will you be taken to a distant planet to become specimens in an intergalactic zoo? 

This is the most immersive escape game you will experience, with puzzles that respond in real time to player actions, and that change with the passage of time. 


Still not sure about indoor escape games?  We’ve got you covered with our Cluetivity outdoor adventure games!

Cluetivity games blend the best elements of GPS geocaching and classical treasure hunts into an exciting adventure game that takes players through the streets of downtown Victoria while solving tricky puzzles and riddles in order to save the world! 

Coming Soon…

Still not ready to leave the sanctuary of your shelter?  Don’t worry, we’ll soon have a game for you too, with our Case-Solving Investigators online game you can play our one-of-a-kind game within the comfort of your own home! 

In Case-Solving Investigators, players are cast into the role of rookie crime scene investigators who have 90 minutes to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of Melanie Burton. Players investigate the virtual scene, process and analyse the evidence, assist Detective Frank O’Malley in interviewing witnesses, and ultimately file an accurate report with their crime lab supervisor to solve this mystery. 

You’ll be able to play with your immediate family or housemates, or collaborate remotely with other friends and family anywhere in the world!  Best of all, we’ve got 3 different scenarios, so you can put your detective skills to the test, not once, but 3 times!

Ready to get out of isolation for an ‘escape’, and have a fun, unique adventure right here in Victoria?  Book now!