5 Types of People Needed To Create the Perfect Team 

Escape Rooms are the perfect team building exercise, as success depends greatly on how well you and your team work together to solve riddles and escape the room before your hour is up. In fact, if you decide to ignore the teamwork factor, your chances of escaping are vastly removed.  As John Donne once said, ‘no man is an island entire of itself’…You could be the smartest person in the world—or at least thinkyou are—but without the help of your friends, family, colleagues (or tinder date), you’re not going to find much success in an escape room. So, before heading over to Quest Reality Games to try your hand at one of our four premium themed escape rooms, it’s best to put together a well-rounded team of individuals who will each bring something special to the group. 

Here’s our advice on how to build the perfect team. Keep in mind, however, that depending on the person, some people work best in smaller groups and some people work best in larger groups, and in some groups players may assume more than one of these roles. 

The Leader

Quest Reality Games, your experience begins with your team’s first BIG decision:  Who will be your team leader?  Among other things, the team leader will be in charge of your team’s walkie-talkie, which is your lifeline to our Game Masters. 

When we ask this question, some groups awkwardly look at one another in silence, no one wanting to take initiative. Suffice it to say, these groups don’t generally make it too far, because before their game has even begun, they’re already lagging in the teamwork department. Having an idea of who your team leader is before your experience will help prepare your team for a great escape. 

As the leader being in charge of the walkie-talkie of course means they will be the person communicating directly with your Game Master for hints, time checks, as well as any other questions or concerns. You want to make sure this person has the entire group’s best interest in mind—there’s nothing worse than wanting to save your hints and then hearing your leader requesting one without the group’s permission. The role of the leader isn’t to boss everyone around, because where’s the fun in that?! Rather, the Leader’s job is simply to ensure everyone is on the same page and that everybody is staying focused on the task at hand.  

Want to know some other ways The Leader can guide your team to success?  Check out our blog on Tips For Escape Rooms.

The Collector

Even an escape room rookie usually understands that the first thing to do once getting locked up is to search. So, of course, when your game begins, everybody’s going to be doing a bit of searching. However, it is the collector’s job to gather all of these items from their teammates. This way, if anybody needs something, they know exactly where to find it. While other players might be working hard to solve riddles and puzzles, The Collector can keep looking to find any items missed in the initial search, because chances are you might be missing a crucial puzzle piece needed to complete the next step! 

The Worker

Sometimes while doing an escape room, you come across a task that, for whatever reason, you just don’t want to do. What if after all that work it doesn’t mean anything? What if you’re on the wrong track completely? Maybe it’s one of those puzzles that really only needs the attention of one person. The Worker is that person. Whether it’s translating, building, or another time-consuming task, once, as a group you have an idea of what might need to be done, it’s up to The Worker to do exactly that. 

The Communicator

This is a crucial role, and one that must work in tandem with The Leader. The Communicator is kind of like The Leader’s right-hand man. They will make sure everyone understands the hint given by the Game Master, will let everyone know when a puzzle has been solved, and will offer any extra help to a player who needs it.

The Floater

No, The Floater is not the same as what we here at Quest Reality Games refer to as a “loafer” (or, someone who stands around with no purpose and watches the rest of the group solve puzzles—you know who you are, loafers!). 

The Floater is actually one of the most important players, as they will do anything and everything that is required of them. If The Worker needs someone to write down what they’re translating, The Floater will be right there. If The Collector needs someone to bring them an item from another room that was left behind, The Floater is running to bring it to them as quickly as possible. 

Now, do note that none of these roles are The Solver.  That’s because in order to successfully complete the room in the most efficient manner, all while having a good time, the entire team needs to work together to solve. If your team truly is the greatest, there will never be anyone standing around waiting for someone else to finish something. 

So, think you’ve got the perfect team? Book your escape now or call 250-800-1008 and speak to any one of our Game Masters to book your escape today!